Our Mission

To help photographers get credit for their work.

EXIF is a new way to protect, promote and track images online. All while making sure images look good at every size and situation.

The internet has made it easier than ever to take work without attribution. Many people don’t even realize they should credit the original source when they use someone else’s work. We are focused on solving this issue.

EXIF is a new way to share images online, and we’re just getting started.

Origin Story

It all began when Jarred uploaded this photo to Flickr.

A year or so later it surfaced on his tumblr feed, uncredited, with over 100,000 notes. From there it progressed onto a Buzzfeed clickbait article and Pinterest.

This got him wondering if there was a way to enforce attribution on images. He created a prototype and reached out to Lizy and Travis. From there, they started building out this new technology.

The Team

EXIF is a collaboration between Scribble Tone and Output.

The founders Travis and Lizy of Scribble Tone live in Portland, OR USA, and Jarred of Output is in Wellington, New Zealand. They bonded in NZ and have been designer friends ever since.

Currently EXIF is driven by the Scribble Tone duo with an advisory role by Jarred.

Big thanks to our creative community for their helpful feedback and support. Special shout-out to photographers Chris Hillary for letting us show his photos, and Ian Whitmore for building the useful Wordpress plugin.

Get in Touch

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Instagram: @exifco

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General Inquiries:
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