Our Mission

To help you get credit for your work.

The internet has made it easier than ever to take images without attribution. Many people don’t realize they should credit the original source. Even if they do, details are often lost when someone shares it on social media or blogs.

We want to change that. EXIF helps image creators keep control of their images and get credit for their work.

It’s an image embed service that protects high-res photos, adds credits and links to images, and tracks every view online. It puts image creators in control of their work. In addition, images look nice whenever it’s seen, on both desktop or mobile.

EXIF is a new way to promote your work online so that you get the credit you deserve, and this is just the beginning.

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Origin Story

It all started when Jarred uploaded this photo to Flickr.

A year or so later it surfaced on his tumblr feed, uncredited, with over 100,000 notes. From there it progressed onto a Buzzfeed clickbait article and Pinterest.

This got him wondering if there was a way to enforce attribution on images. He created a quick prototype and reached out to Lizy and Travis to collaborate on the idea.

The Team

EXIF is led by Lizy Gershenzon and Travis Kochel of Scribble Tone, alongside co-founder Jarred Bishop who currently serves as an advisor.

Get in Touch

Twitter: @exifco
Instagram: @exifco

Press and Inquiries:

Big thanks to our friends and family for their helpful feedback and encouragement.

Special shout-out to the talented photographers Chris Hillary for input since the very beginning, Ian Whitmore for building the useful Wordpress plugin, and Robert Woodward and Sage Brown for all allowing us to feature their pretty photos, and for their interesting points of view. Cheers!